Producers, Where you at? Reason! 7

PropellerHead always had a great thing with the older versions of Reasons even the one that used come free with Pro Tools, and when they introduced Record…That changed it all. But Now Heres Reason 7 and now they’re all in one; an awesome console, great sounding racks, drum machines, killer effects, a DAW, and MORE! Get Your Copy Today, It Just Came Out April 30th

What is Reason?

I Am a Reason User (Really I Am)

Reason Has a Rack for that…

A Gibson Bass… I want one!

If you know me, then you know why I’d love to share this video. I Love Bass, and thats it. Bass bumpin in my car(the old days..of the not so quick to performing it on stage or in a garage. This video is awesome, because its about a Gibson Bass(Thunderbird IV), probably the two best things in music… Gibson and Bass. Here’s how you can own one. They got an awesome payment plan… No Credit Check and No Interest fee! Click the banner!